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Whoever you are, whatever you seek, it all starts here.

$ 450 Month
One 12x12 stall with rubber matted floor One fully fenced-in run area
$ 500 Month
One 12x12 stall with rubber matted floor One fully fenced-in run area
$ 650 Month
One 12x12 stall with rubber matted floor One fully fenced-in run area



 A hidden gem in The Inland Northwest of The USA, we offer an array of experiences, opportunities, adventures and learning. Family memories are made here along with rejuvenating within our beautiful working farm setting and much more than one would expect.


These products are available on request. Simply contact us, we will deliver them to you upon payment
$5.00 each Wood Log
$10.00 each Propane canisters for heater (sold as a lot of 2 canisters)
$30.00 each Livestock Enclosure
Simply Contact Eric the Camp Host on 509 675 7669



Farmers & Jolly Ranchers

Tamea has been training horses and teaching horsemanship and multiple styles of horseback riding for more than 30 years. She founded Dreamswept Farm in Kettle Falls, Washington in 2004, hoping to create a space for people to retreat to respite and rejuvenation in Dreamswept’s beautiful and peaceful remote woodland setting.   Since the farm was established in 2004, Tamea has been building it into much more than the typical farm, adding rehabilitated pastureland, bees, organic compost production, farm-to-table dinners, special events like weddings and reunions, horsemanship clinics and even a campground and traditional vacation accommodations.
Tamea Denault
Owner, President, Founder
Estate Managers, Agrologists, Jolly Ranchers
Ethan Smith
Crew Supervisor, Manure Mover, Shovel Expert
Susan Sanders
Barn Operations, Equine Personal Assistant, Horse Mum
Eric Jean Michel
Camp Host, Website Designer, Cultured Frenchman





Average rating for Dreamswept Farm Resort is 5 Star of 5 stars - based on 7 Review
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