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Upcoming Vaulting Events:


We have THREE exciting events upcoming for Spring and early Summer:


North East Washington Mountain Fest 2013


Vaulting Jamboree 2013


Vaulting Rendezvous 2013

To pay online:

  1. From the flyers listed above, calculate which services and fees apply to your situation.
  2. Calculate individually, on a per-vaulter basis.
  3. If you are paying for your entire team, add your vaulters one at a time, BEFORE
    you pay on PayPal. You don't have to pay individually.
  4. Fill in the vaulter's name and your club name (below).
  5. Click "Pay Now"
  6. You will be taken to the PayPal shopping cart page - fill in the correct amount there and
    verify that your order amount for that vaulter is correct. If not, "delete" that item and try again.
  7. If you have more vaulters to pay for, click "continue shopping" -
    you will be returned to this page.
  8. Enter the name and club name of your next vaulter.
  9. Click "Pay Now" again. You should see your second vaulter on the shopping cart. Enter their amount, verify that order is correct, then click "continue shopping".
  10. Repeat until all of your vaulters are registered. If you need to pay a fee for your club, you may add that as a new item with no vaulter's name, just the club name.
  11. When all fees are added to the shopping cart, press "check out", and enter your credit card info or PayPal account info if you prefer to pay that way.
  12. If you have any questions, please call Donalee Paul (509)485-7825

vaulter and club name:


Tamea C. Denault

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Tamea C. Denault is the founder of Dreamswept Farm and coach of the MountainWind Vaulters in Kettle Falls, WA. She is a certified CHA multi-discipline riding instructor. While earning her degree in psychology and education at Mt. Holyoke College, she also learned vaulting and has continued vaulting and coaching ever since. More...