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Waterville Newborn's a 70-Pounder

Small Wonders Column by Mike Tressler

Blade farm editor Ned Bell, who specializes in reporting agricultural news, wrote about Rainbow Curlies Farm, near Waterville, which raises rare American Bashkir Curly horses. He reported the birth of a foal there.

So it was natural that he receive an official birth announcement, noting "the first Curly horse born in Ohio."

The announcement from owners Debra and Al Randolph is complete with color baby photo and notes the foal was "born April 25, 1993, weighing approx. 70n lbs.; proud parents: Dan's Baby Doll G and The Red Baron."

The foal's name: Rainbow's Red _____ J (new owner fill in blank).

Footnote: The "J" in the horse's name is special, says Bell. "It's for Jesse Winslow, a 94 year-old neighbor who visited the mares almost daily and died just before the birth of the foal."

From The Blade, Saturday, May 15, 1993.



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