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KC Prince Charles

Born: May 3, 1996
Color: Black
Height: 14.3hh
Breeding since:1998
Showing since:1999



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Chuck is the main stud at Dreamswept Farm. He is very intelligent and inquisitive, and enjoys a good puzzle, such as trying to figure out how to open the various gate latches on the farm. Chuck really likes people and tries to please whoever is working with him. He is quite the showman and likes to strut his stuff in the show ring, especially if photographers are present.

This Curly stallion is very gentle with the mares he breeds. He greatly enjoys the company of foals and will often act as a "baby-sitter," giving the mares a break from the demands of motherhood. When Chuck is not breeding mares, he lives with the geldings and enjoys the bachelor herd life.



Tamea C. Denault

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Tamea C. Denault is the founder of Dreamswept Farm and coach of the MountainWind Vaulters in Kettle Falls, WA. She is a certified CHA multi-discipline riding instructor. While earning her degree in psychology and education at Mt. Holyoke College, she also learned vaulting and has continued vaulting and coaching ever since. More...