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Nevada Red
AHC 18125

Photo Not Available

Born: 1953
Sex: Stallion
Color: Chestnut
Deceased: 1980

Nevada Red was an Arabian used on the Damele ranch as a stud from 1967-1980, until his sudden death. During that time, he produced a number of offspring. However, only twelve (12) were registered with ABC (American Bashkir Curly registry). Of that number, three were mares (1 deceased) and nine were stallions (seven of those were gelded). The two remaining stallions were Dixie D, ABC #P-34, and Peter J, ABC #P-1. The two remaining mares were Chocolate Cookie, ABC #31, and Primadonna, ABC #P-136. Another daughter, Kobia, is registered with IAHA but not with ABC because she was straight. Kobia is the dam of Peacock D, ABC #P-100, a stallion. He and Colonel Austin, ABC #P-148, are the two grandsons who have produced almost half of the horses traceable back to Nevada Red.

Nevada Red's pedigree goes back at least to 1827, as well as one or two generations beyond, and is most impressive for an Arabian. His sire was Nafix, AHC 10652, who was a son of Serafix, AHC 8955, a well-known Arab in the 1950s. A great many of his ancestors were imported. Eight were bred and imported from the Crabbet Arabian Stud Farm in Sussex, England. A total of twenty-four (24) were registered in Great Britan (GSB). Two were registered in France and fifteen were desert bred. Of all those, only one was double registered.

Two ancestors of particular interest were Nejdme and Leopard. Nejdme (AHC 1) was foaled in 1887 and was gray. He was bred by Hedje Memmed of Damascus, Syria, and was imported by the Hamidie Society of Chicago. The other horse, Leopard (AHC 233), was bred by Sultan Abdul Hamil I and given to General U. S. Grant. Leopard was imported by General Grant in 1879.

Nevada Red's granddam was the same top and bottom--Nabiya, AHC 3996--so he was a product of inbreeding. While many people are afraid of inbreeding, in this case an exceptional horse was created, one who was still working cows and often going 50-60 miles a day at the age of 27. Nevada Red's death came suddenly and unexpectedly when he was accidentally impaled on a metal fence post while in the pasture, apparently being shoved into it by one or more horses.

Over one-third of the horses published in the first two ABC stud books can be traced to Nevada Red, an impressive stallion, indeed.

The above information was compiled by Carolyn Joy of Norman, OK, and it appeared in the Western States Curly Newsletter in April, 1988.

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