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Mares - Copper Billie
Copper Billie

Billie, (ABC-P-770 (F)), (ICHO/NACHR.# 416-D), the lead mare at Dreamswept Farm, is a dapple gray buckskin. She is used as a brood mare, in lessons, vaulting, packing, as a packhorse, and is certified as a Search and Rescue horse.

Mares - Yellow Storm
Yellow Storm

Storm, (ABC-S-495), (ICHO/NACHR.# 415-S), is a dun roan Appaloosa. She is used as a brood mare, in lessons, for vaulting, and as a packhorse.

Mares - Dry Creek Janell
Dry Creek Janell

Nellie, (ABC-1698 (F)), (ICHO/NACHR.# 419-D), is a buckskin. She is used as a brood mare and for riding and driving. THIS HORSE IS FOR SALE.

Mares - Princess Greyling
Princess Greyling

Greyling, (ABC-P-2599), (ICHO/NACHR.# 408-D), is a grulla. She is used as a brood mare and for lessons.

Mares - Daystar ni Jubilee
Day Star ni Jubilee

Day Star, (ABC-P-2738), (ICHO/NACHR.# 413-D), is a red bay. Her parents are June Daisy and JC's Jubilee. She is used as a broodmare and for lessons.

Mares - BNC Dixie Doll
BNC Dixie Doll

Dee Dee, (ABC-P-574, 3/4), (ICHO/NACHR.# 410-D), (NPHR # 13291), is a black and white pinto. Her parents are BNC IN Dixie and Blue Mt. Thunder. She is used as a broodmare and for lessons.

Young Stock - DSF Stardust
DSF Stardust

Dusty is a grey mare. Her parents are Shadow Dancer and SC Farm's Johnny Showtime.

Lady Mae

Lady Mae is a steady and consistent mover whose mother-like personality makes it easy for her to bond with kids. She has a sweet disposition and is a kind and loving mare. She truly is a gentle giant that will put up with just about anything the first time she's exposed to it. Although Lady Mae never vaulted before, she took to it like a fish to water and it has become her favorite activity.

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DSF Ally Vera

Allie, Born May 3, 2006. Sire is BNC Cactus, Dam is Jessie

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DSF Suenami

Sue, Born: May 2, 2006. Sire: DSF Jocque, Dam: Wyndi ni Jubilee
Sex: Filly
Color: Grulla

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DSF Eclipse

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Tamea C. Denault

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Tamea C. Denault is the founder of Dreamswept Farm and coach of the MountainWind Vaulters in Kettle Falls, WA. She is a certified CHA multi-discipline riding instructor. While earning her degree in psychology and education at Mt. Holyoke College, she also learned vaulting and has continued vaulting and coaching ever since. More...