What is Vaulting? Read on and find out!

This page features The Emerald City Vaulters.

Vaulting is the spectacular sport of gymnastics performed on a moving horse and choreographed to music. It is one of the six equestrian disciplines recognized by the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) for international competition. As in many other forms of athletic competition (figure skating for example), participants are judged on both a set of compulsory moves, and in freestyle competition.

With a history extending back to Roman sports, vaulting requires the teamwork of the vaulter, horse and longeur, who controls the horse in a circle on a longe line. Vaulters may compete as individuals, in pairs, or as a team. There is also competition on the barrel.

Vaulting is a magnificent sport and a wonderful learning opportunity for all ages, from toddlers to adults. Vaulters learn balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, confidence, teamwork, and music interpretation. It is one of the few sports worldwide where men and women compete on the same team. It also provides unparalleled opportunities for interaction with horses at a fraction of the cost of owning one.

The Emerald City Vaulters is the oldest active American Vaulting Association club in Washington. Tamea Denault and Jodi Dohmen founded it in 1990. Tammy and Jodi discovered the sport at Mount Holyoke College in MA and decided to import it to Jodi’s home state. Since then, Jodi has become a silver medal vaulter and Tammy is certified with the EVA of BC as an Equestrian Vaulting Trainer and as a CHA certified instructor. Jodi’s sister Ginger joined them on the coaching staff. The club has expanded to include locations in Lakebay, Buckley, and Kent.

In 2002, Jodi and Ginger moved to Boulder, Colorado, where they are coaching the Mile High Vaulters. In 2005, Tammy moved to Kettle Falls, Washington, where she founded the Mountainwind Vaulters.

Whether you are interested in high-level international competition or just want a chance to work with horses and meet new people, come give vaulting a try!

For more information, see the American Vaulting Association website at www.americanvaulting.org The American Vaulting Association's purpose is to promote the sport of vaulting in the United States as a member of the American Horse Shows Association (AHSA) and as the U.S. member of the FEI---the International Equestrian Federation.

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