The MountainWind Vaulting Horses

Meet our vaulting horses--they are the hub of our team. All are very sound and work well with children. They all have a steady smooth gait and unflappable personalities that make them great showmen.

Yellow Storm: Storm is an American Bashkir Curly mare. Her exceptionally smooth gait, especially for the compulsory moves, makes her everyone's favorite.
Copper Billie: Billie is an American Bashkir Curly mare. She is affectionately known as "Mama Billie" because of the way she looks after everyone. Billie is the ultimate performer. Even when everyone is having a bad day she remains focused and knows that the show must go on.
Silver Buddha: Buddha is an old-style Morgan. He is an old hand at vaulting, and even though he is over 30 years old, he can outperform most horses. A true ham at heart, Buddaha is a great showman.
Shadow Dancer: Shadow is a Percheron-cross mare rescued from the PMU lines in Canada. She has great endurance and finds much joy in her work. Her easy manner and sure-footedness makes her a favorite with the beginning vaulters.
Lady Mae Lady Mae: Lady Mae is a Clydesdale-Quarter Horse cross mare. She's a consistent performer with a strong work ethic. She has great endurance - coupled with patience and a "Can Do" attitude.

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